Flourishing Together delivers training for children, parents and school staff using a groundbreaking approach to physical and emotional health.

Our programmes use an easy to understand model of human nature that has the potential to significantly improve the physical and

Knowing About Ourselves for primary school children.
Knowing About Ourselves for primary school children.

emotional health of participants of all ages by showing them:

  • How to think clearly
  • How to have great relationships
  • How to take healthy control of their lives
  • How to guide themselves and others towards a more fulfilling life

Our services have been developing since 2010 within a small number of primary schools in the Swindon area and we are now actively seeking funding to enable more schools to benefit from and help us to further test and develop this initiative.

We are taking a whole school approach by providing services for

Flourishing Together For Parents
Flourishing Together For Parents

children, school teachers and staff, and with parents. This integrated understanding helps to create  a calm and healthy environment at school, and at home, in which children and their families can thrive.

Knowing About Ourselves Classroom Display
Knowing About Ourselves Classroom Display

Our workshops are grounded upon a new and compelling model of human nature that comprehensively explains our emotions, relationships and behaviour. From this we can describe and practice  how to focus our minds on healthy and independent problem solving, building great friendships, dealing with anger and fear, understanding mental illness, behaviour management, dealing with bullying, and much else besides.

We are confident that Flourishing Together can have a significant impact upon many of the issues that confront children and their families, including:

  • busy and stressful lives
  • family breakdown and dispersed families
  • family bereavement and disability
  • behaviour
  • emotional, physical and mental difficulties
  • bullying
  • friendships and community ties
  • diet and lifestyle
  • sleeping patterns

Flourishing Together aims to provide a cost effective and sustainable approach that has a positive effect upon every child within a school, not just those in most need.

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Emotional Health and Wellbeing For Children, Parents and Schools